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DP World Extends a Helping Hand to Somaliland in the Fight against Covid-19

Berbera, April 23, 2020 (Haatuf) – DP
World uses its global trade and logistics expertise to support Somaliland
Urgent shipments include ventilators, protective equipment and medicines The
port has also initiated a project to produce personal face masks locally Dubai,
21 April 2020: DP World, the leading global provider of smart logistics
solutions, has started sending medical supplies to Somaliland to help its
people in the fight against novel Coronavirus pandemic. Somaliland’s National
Committee for Preparedness and Prevention of COVID-19 will receive the supplies
at the country’s modern logistics hub, DP World Berbera. A collaborative
campaign by DP World’s headquarters Dubai and the management of DP World Berbera
is underway, to bring the supplies that include ventilators for life support,
intubation kits and significant quantities of personal protective equipment for
doctors, nurses, first responders and other emergency staff. They also include
protective gloves, medical masks, face shields, and gowns. The supplies are
sourced from various countries including the UAE, and will reach Somaliland in
multiple shipments by sea and airfreight. In addition, the shipments include
large quantities of vital medicines. Although there is no specific treatment
for the virus to date, doctors everywhere are working tirelessly to alleviate
symptoms and ease complications. The shipments also include 5,000 rapid
COVID-19 testing kits. Testing is critical to understand and control the spread
of the disease, and medical technicians have already been sent to Kenya for
professional training in effective diagnosis techniques. Somaliland has offered
to assist its neighbours in Somalia and Yemen with checks for the deadly virus
once the testing procedures are operational. SUPACHAI WATTANAVEERACHAI, CEO OF
DP World Berbera, said: “Although there are still only a few confirmed cases in
Somaliland to-date, we have seen the devastating effect of the virus in other
countries around the world. Given this threat, we felt it was important to
support the government and be able to test suspected cases of the virus inside
the country. With the outstanding support from our team in Dubai, we have
successfully shipped bulk medical supplies, protective and testing equipment to
distribute in Somaliland.” In order to overcome the high costs of imported
masks, DP World Berbera came up with an innovative plan. WATTANAVEERACHAI
continued: “There is a shortage of protective masks in Berbera, so we took the
opportunity to work with the Mayor and Governor of Berbera to have local people
produce homemade masks. We wanted to unleash the outstanding innovative and
commercial potential in the community in Somaliland, to help address the issues
of high cost and limited supply of masks.” The DP World Berbera team has been
constantly reinforcing health messages to its own staff, families and
stakeholders, in line with the latest guidance from the World Health
Organisation, and sent out a clear message that Social Distancing is a critical
demand and not an option for our community to remain safe.

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