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Alshabab Leaders Concede To Rank And File Demands To Claim Responsibility For Saturday’s Vbied Attack In Mogadishu

Mogadishu,December 30,2019(Haatufonline)-Conceding to strong pressure by its rank and file the Somali terror group Alshabab announced today responsibility for Saturday’s Vbied explosion at Mogadishu’s ExControl Afgoi that killed over 90 people and injured close to 150 .According to knowledgeable sources,Alshabab leaders were initially reluctant to the group claiming credit for the attack out of sensitivity to the public backlash that the high number of casualties among civilians might trigger against the organisation.However this stance was met with anger and protests at Mosques in many towns in lower Shabele region by Alshabab’s foot soldiers who considered any further hold back on claiming responsibility for the attack as betrayal of those who sacrificed their lives to carry out the sucidal mission. ,

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