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Deaths Reported Among 700 Somali Teenagers Who Were Taken Outside The Country By Somalia’s Govt After Being Promised Jobs In Qatar

Mogadishu,December 27,2019 (Haatufonline)_ Eleven Somali boys who were among 700 teenagers taken outside their country by Somalia’s government after being promised jobs in Qatar are now believed to have died during this week,according to Somali media reports.Some of the mothers of the 700 boys told the media that they lost contact with their children after their departure from Mogadishu on last October and have ever since been concerned over the fate of their children.In video clips posted on social media,at least 3 mothers blamed Somalia’s National Intelligence Agency(NISA) for recruiting their sons and then keeping them in the dark as to where they had actually ended up.The mothers said that NISA has so far refused to give them any information on the whereabouts and wellbeing of the boys .

Meanwhile new media reports reveal that the recruitment of the missing boys was engineered by NISA in cooperation with a Qatari intelligence officer by the name of Ahmed Saleh Al-Kawari .Qatari intelligence is known to fund and train NAISA which itself is headed by the former Aljazeera Arabic correspondent in Mogadisha Fahad Yassin.

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